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LOreal Business et Ekypage

LOreal Business et Ekypage


The accompaniment is customized, irrespectively of the size and location of your event:

Since 2004, L'Oréal Professionnel entrusts organizing the professional International Congress to EKYPAGE Event Agency each year. And it is no coincidence: for us, the commitment is to meet the demands of this prestigious event.
It will be the same for YOUR event, for which we will be at your service:

After 20 years of experience in event planning we have the tools and the most effective methods of organization for the result.
Ekypage is a professional, committed, efficient and multilingual (we also speak Russian and Arabic) company that stands under the general direction of the manager and founder of the agency since it has been created.
Project managers are dedicated to each event and listen to your expectations, being able to adapt their skills and creativity to your needs.
An integrated operational service guarantees the quality of implementation, cost control, and responsiveness of Ekype.
In-depth knowledge of your Destination: we will survey and select the exclusive original places, choose among the best and reliable suppliers, in France and abroad (service contacts, responsive and local) for you.


Present features from conception to accomplishment:

According to your wishes and needs, we can assist you in all these steps:

- Enrollment management and organization
- Creation of the dedicated website and communication materials
- Booking of the conference venues and meeting rooms
- Accommodation management: select the quality accommodation and negotiate of the best rates.
- Logistics management on site, calls for tender and coordination (if not integrated)
- On location of participants, management accreditations
- Transportation management: travel, internal transfers, classic and unusual
- Technical equipment for the conference room and setting up translation systems management
- Conceptual evenings, catering, decoration and artistic activities
- Other Activities and excursions


For any meeting, personal quote or additional information, contact us : Tel. (33) 04 92 91 88 88 - contact@ekypage.com