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The Agency

 Ekypage Team

Our experience and values for your success

Founded in Cannes in 1995, Ekypage Agency has built the experience of a solid event organizer reputation in 20 years.
At the launch of the company, its chosen fields (competitions, Olympiads, racing, sports activities and evening) and an attraction to the philosophy of Ancient Greece focused on the harmony of body and mind were in origin of its name: "Ekypage" with a K and Y.
Turquoise dominant in graphic symbolizes enthusiasm, dynamism and proactive mindset of its co-Ekypiers.


For 20 years, our seriousness and reliability have been proven.

Today, the Agency annually organizes many events from 20 to 2,000 people, on the Cote d'Azur, in France and abroad. With this activity, we have developed creativity, know-how, technical and professional tools that will promote the success of your event.

Our offices in Antibes, Paris, Montpellier and Geneva, equipped with our experienced and multilingual Ekype staff members, will ensure cooperation in confidence, like in a simple cross-like long journey.

Moreover in 2002, the Agency has received its Travel Agency license.



How may we help you?

Fédérez, motivez et récompensez vos collaborateurs, remerciez vos clients, faites connaitre vos services, vos produits, partagez des moments inoubliables : notre Ekype est à votre disposition pour l’organisation ‘sur mesure’ et complète de votre évènement.
La réussite d'une manifestation repose aussi sur l'attention prêtée aux détails. C’est pourquoi un Chef de projet unique vous accompagne jusqu’à la réalisation, mettant en œuvre tous les moyens nécessaires en coordination avec nos différents services :

For any information or a custom quote, please contact us : Tel. (33) 04 92 91 88 88 - contact@ekypage.com